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We rear small numbers of free-range animals on Hope Mountain in North Wales.

There has been a farm at Ty Uchaf for hundreds of years, and the farmhouse dates from the 1600s. As a family, we've been lucky enough to own the farm and the 20 acres of gently sloping pasture surrounding it, for the past decade. 

We believe in traditional, sustainable methods of farming. We don't use chemicals or fast-growing breeds. We think our food tastes better if we know it is natural and Slow Grown. We hope you'll agree.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How are your turkeys reared?

    The welfare of our turkeys is our prime concern. We think slow-grown, naturally-reared meet results in a delicious finished product and that our customers can tell the difference.

    Slow-Grown - our turkeys take upto 6 months to mature. Some mass-produced birds are bred to grow in as little a 12 weeks.

    Free range - all of our turkeys spend all day outside, free-ranging on grass pasture on the beautiful slopes of Hope Mountain in North Wales. At night they are safely housed in an airy barn (it's our lambing shed) with plenty of fresh straw, water and perches.

    Small scale - we do things in a low key way so we can focus our efforts on producing a top quality turkey. 2015 is our biggest year, and fewer than three dozen families will enjoy a Ty Uchaf Turkey this year.

    Feed - Our turkeys get much of the nutrition from the grasslands they forage during the day. These are totally natural fields that have had nothing added to them in the ten years we have farmed them. Our cows graze them earlier in the year, and our turkeys in the late summer and autumn. We supplement their natural diet with grain

    When the time comes... we prepare your turkey on our farm. We will dry pluck it, finishing it by hand and hanging it for a few days to let the meat tenderise and the succulent flavour to develop.

  • Q: How big a turkey will I need?

    This is a difficult question - as it depends on how big your family is, how many children are eating, whether everyone wants breast meat or legs, how much you would like in the way of leftovers for cold meat suppers, and whether you'd like some left over for other dishes (turkey curry is one of our favourites!).

    Some people will recommend 1.5-2lbs per person, which should ensure plenty of leftovers.

     As a rough guide for our fresh whole turkeys, we suggest:

    4kg / 9lbs serves up to 6 People
    5kg / 11lbs serves up to 8 people
    6kg / 13lbs serves up to 10 people
    7kg /15lbs serves up to 12 people
    8kg+ /17lbs+ serves over 12 people

    Remember to leave enough for leftovers and cold meat suppers.

  • Q: Will my turkey be oven ready?

    Yes. Our fresh whole turkeys are oven ready. We supply them fresh, with their giblets in a bag (neck, liver, heart, etc) for delicious gravy. Your turkey will also come with some herbs and a recipe leaflet. All you need to do is decide how to cook it and pop it in the oven!

  • Q: What are my delivery options?

    We are a small family business at SlowGrown.co.uk. We offer three free delivery options:

    1. Free delivery just before Christmas to the Wrexham area (postcodes LL11, LL12, LL13)

    2. Free delivery to Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital just before Christmas

    3. Free collection from the farm gate (LL11).

    We will confirm the delivery/collection date & for you nearer the time.

    Sorry - but we don't currently offer mail-order. May be in future years!

  • Q: How should I cook my Ty Uchaf Turkey?

    That's the most difficult question! There are as many different ways to cook your turkey as there are turkeys eaten on Christmas day! There are plenty of guides on the internet, including timings.

    We like to cook ours "low and slow" to ensure it is moist and succulent. We've been known to put it in the slow oven in the Aga the night before. We baste it well, and put only a very small amount of stuffing inside (but a couple of peeled oranges too) - this helps stop the moisture being drawn out of the breast during cooking.

    Most importantly, we take the bird out of the oven in plenty of time and allow the meat to rest under foil for 15-20 minutes. This does two things - it allows the meat to soften and tenderise ready for carving. It also takes some of the pressure off the hard-pressed cook, who can then (fortified by a couple of glasses of sherry by this point!) bring all the vegetables and side-dishes to the ready without the panic of timing it to the turkey coming out of the oven.

    Make sure your turkey is beautifully presented at the table - and carve with a sharp knife. Then, make sure as the cook you take all the credit for a superb meal!

    At Ty Uchaf, we love to hear about our turkeys. Please tell us how your meal was, and send us a picture after Christmas of the bird at the table - info@slowgrown.co.uk 

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